29 Nov

3 websites super speedo project

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After some forza bruta some projects have just seen the light of day (which excuses my absense from the mundane world) and seems I'm finally getting the hang of webdesign. There's three pretty nice examples of simple, purposeful, not too bad looking show ticket booking sites you can have a look at:


This place hosts Peking Opera performances mainly for tourists. Not a place where the locals go to see Opera but it's on the treshold of understanding what it is.


It's one of the biggest hits amongst night shows in Beijing. It's got the kung fu action one might image as well as the kind of gayish ballet sort of thing to it which actually makes this a quality production which they constantly seek to improve. The storyline is really kitchy though but enjoyable to watch.


The best place in Beijing to see acrobatics do crazy stuff. Didn't see the show yet, but should pretty much in level with the usual world class spectacle thingies. Very popular.

Development will continue.. the purpose of those sites is to overthrow the Beijing show ticket biz. Competition I humbly hope to crush to tiny bits only to assist digestion while devouring them. To accomplish this I have adopted the words of the great Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu into my practises:

"A clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease"

more projects to follow...!

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