28 Sep

A Nice Day

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Hello boys and girls.

After what x. months staying here in Beijing. Today is the best and the least poluted weather I have ever seen. So it's time to share a picture looking out of my apartment window.. I cant find a picture of a poluted day for comparison, but I can post one soon since those days are on the majority.. Tongue out

I receive an Air Quality rating from the US embassy in Beijing to my mailbox every morning. This mornings reading is also the best I've seen.

The air outside is rated 6 out of 500

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Air quality guidelines
0 to 50 = Good
51 to 100 = Moderate
101 to 150 = Unhealthy for some
151 to 200 = Unhealthy for all
201 to 300 = Very unhealthy
301 to 500 = Hazardous
More info on air quality here.

From personal experience, a rating under 100 means a blue sky.
From 100 to 200, the air is mildly foggy and has a distinct smell.
200 and up, a heavy fog descends on the city.

This information is provided by the US Embassy in Beijing.