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29 Nov

Hoppity Hop to Hong Kong

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You see, now that finally my balls are removed from the grinder I'm starting to write again.. Meaning, it's been a nocturnal and diurnal strain at work and for now the most intensive portion is over.

Between all the hassle I had to deal with it was time to do a hoppity hop to Hong Kong to take the advantage of a certain well known loop hole. It's a rather incredible situation here in the east, if you got the dough all you need is to pop by every six months and your good to go.

Sharing some piksors.

hoppity-hop-00Lunch time here is always super busy, I'm sitting together with some local dudes next to the kitchen for the lack of space.

hoppity-hop-01The Chinese Chinese food is often very oily, here the food feels refreshingly not so.

hoppity-hop-02The beer in the Chinese mainland is usually way below 5%. This seems to be the Hong Kong edition of the famous Tsingtao beer. Feels tasty & intoxicating to drink stronger beer after a long time:)

hoppity-hop-03Guy taking a five at a street construction.

hoppity-hop-04Ah, an organic shop. Long time no see. My mission was to bring good quality milk powder to the children of China. Due to the many food scandals in the mainland and worries over the health of children, you can see heaps of milk carried over the border.

hoppity-hop-05Fork, long time no see :)

hoppity-hop-06I have finally found my brand of hair bands, enough reason to come back to Hong Kong :)

hoppity-hop-07The anticipated one ;)

hoppity-hop-08The art museum, with a highrise sticking out from the background. Most of the exhibitions were closed but thanks to colonialist rule and rich guys who like to collect stuff, there was an amazing collection of old Chinese paintings, really trippy stuff.

hoppity-hop-09Hong Kong is a good mix of cleanliness and uncleanliness which gives character.

hoppity-hop-10The double decker trams are pretty groovy.

hoppity-hop-11Filled with western looking restaurants, also street food keeps it's strong stance and good taste.

hoppity-hop-12Never figured out what's this about anti Falun Gong ads. At last an opinion that Hong Kong shares with China?:)

hoppity-hop-13Making coffee..

hoppity-hop-14in my puny little hotel room. Feels like Japan ;)

hoppity-hop-15Still going up.

hoppity-hop-16Taking ferries here is like taking busses. You can hop from island to island, cheap with your octopus card.

hoppity-hop-17Approaching Lamma Island. Third largest, half an hour from downtown. It's a place where the locals go to have a relax from the buzz.

hoppity-hop-18Not spoiled by tourism, people actually live here. Just the harbor shores are conveniently packed with the most amazing sea food restaurants, drool.

hoppity-hop-19Arrived just in time to run around a bit and see the sun set.

hoppity-hop-20The fish cooked in China often has a lot of bones making it difficult to eat. The sea fish here, like this one contains none at all. Delicious.

hoppity-hop-21Grab a few beers and home made fish balls, ready for a night walk through the island.

hoppity-hop-23Seems very chilled out this place, no cars and no pedestrains either :)

hoppity-hop-26Like some of the toilets in China the dog toilets here don't have doors.

hoppity-hop-27Filled with little beaches, enough to pick your own.

hoppity-hop-28The sea was very calm.

hoppity-hop-29The coal plant in the background ads a pinch of exquisite.

hoppity-hop-30No having fun :(

hoppity-hop-32Well, not that exquisite.

hoppity-hop-33I pretty much had to stroll through half of the island in pitch black. Which was fun.

hoppity-hop-34The paper next to the giant fish says "todays offer" or something. Forgot to ask how much.

hoppity-hop-35Seems everything is always open in this island, even when it's not.


the end.

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